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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Litty (Freestyle) – Dax

In 2018 was a warm-up year for a nigga
Had to get a stretch better yet get a sweat
Now I'm ready and I'm finna go to war with you niggas
I was down 20 in the 4th tripled up now I'm really bout even up the score with you niggas
I was chilling in the back
Now I'm sitting in the front
So you gon have to open up the door for a nigga


2019 your boy already made it
See the future for a nigga like mats on radar
Niggas try to label on I'm a youtube rapper then he [?] got them chains cause niggas couldn't pay em
Had a couple labels tryin tell he was wack said fuck you I wouldn't let the money change it
Bout to go ahead and put bars on a mat
Mumble rap, Fight back, even God couldn't save em
Couple nig-gas saying they better then me bet, Nigga I don't give a fuck
See em at a party same ones talking shit be the ones on they knees snortin coke of a butt
Drinkin lean outta a cup

That's a real ass story

Listen, half you niggas jumpin shit like KD now I'm on so you wanna be on my team
I'm a D wade nigga make a man like Lebron
Wanna leave home and play for the heat
Educated nigga with a grind for the streets
Made my own traction like Odell in some cleats
Been droppin bombs on you niggas like Osama I'm a terrorist whenever I be rapping on a beat

Martin Luther King got a dream it was me nigga

That's facts!

I don been to hell
Came back
Went back
No cap
Just to resurrect rap
Niggas straight lost
GPS no bars
Man they couldn't even find them if I put em on a map
That's the nation be the studio
20 white boys in a room with a tape just to write one track

Nigga you the lie, facts
Two face
Hop off your beat, back on blueface
OG's greeted with the clout like it's kool-Aid
Tory lanez bout to have a toupee in a few days
Just met Lebron and, Drake on Tuesday!

That's real shit
Real story
Keep it goin
Keep it goin
Keep it goin
Keep it goin
Keep it goin

Two girls one cup nigga I'm the shit
One mil for a deal when they off with him
I said nah take that
Back at it with a couple more commas in
90k for the wrist
What the cost of them
Just head T with the queen
I been rockin em
I get green like a Rastafarian
And shit on niggas like Barian

I say four forty a four just forty forty dub
I'm bout to sing all this shit
Nigga wait for it
What he say what he
I got a four forty a forty inches of vertical
Bad bitches, titties and a fuckin

It's Dax!

1+2 is 3
2+3 is 5
3+4 is 7
Dax is a dog
That means Dax is goin to heaven
I ain lie
Just like a wedding
Got it on lock
Just like impression
I'm in your head just like obsession
I got a secret now I can tell em
Just heard a nigga was talking that shit so I shot then I just went and compressed him
This ain't a school, class
Aw shit, Nah It's done

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