Love Drunk – D-Pryde Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Love Drunk – D-Pryde

[CHORUS: x4]
Cause I'm so love, drunk
So love, drunk, so love, drunk, so love drunk

[VERSE 1:]
Old chick, on my mind, trying to have a good time
Trying to, give my, heart to bitches, but you already done took mine
They got shots poured she's all caked up, but in the morning I wake up
And regret what I did cause I miss you still, and I a'int even drink I just hate love
Tripping off of my ex-chick, that real love yeah I mess with
Can't believe that you'd leave, now you're in every girl that I see
Uh uh
Trying to set myself free, now you're all poured in my cup
Done drank you up like way too much now I'm all the way turned up

[CHORUS: x4]

Over you, girl I'm tryna get over you
Over you, I'm tryna get over you

[VERSE 2:]
New bitch, old news, solo with my own moves
Thought I could stand on my own two, my mistake when I disowned you
Now you're all that I'm thinking about, spot full of wonderful dimes
And I be in my bed with this bad one, but you be all up in my mind
And that's every night that I lay back, all this feels like my payback
Don't tell me you love me, don't say that, cause when you talk that ish it bring me way back
I'm swerved, I'm leaned, you took control of me
Can't believe I'm all full of love, scratch that, I'm so love, drunk

[CHORUS: x4]


[BRIDGE: x2]
I think that I'm on one, I say it's all your fault
Love wasted, I'm love wasted, bottoms up let me drink it all
I said I am too turned up right now, I am far from sober
I've been so love drunk ever since our love was over

[CHORUS: x4]


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