Man in love – Eric Clapton

Man in love – Eric Clapton canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 2005

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Testo della canzone: Man in love – Eric Clapton

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Man in love – Eric Clapton Testo:

You’re always in my hair, you keep me feeling fine.
I celebrate every time I realize you’re really mine

‘Cause I’m a man in love,
Yes I’m a man in love.
I tell it everywhere I go,
I want the whole world to know
That I’m a man in love.

I used to be so sad, like a dog without a bone
And then you gave me something baby I had never known.


I love to see you walk up and down the street,
You look so pretty baby from your head down to your feet.


Well, the minutes seem like hours, and the hours seem like days
And the days they seem like years everytime you go away.



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