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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Music N History – Curren$y

Real estate skating on Daytons, glasshouse
Church like the congregation
Smoke one for the paper chasers, run it down
Count it up, everybody get a cut
Organized rhyme syndicate, shipping it 'cross seas
Boss keys start boss cars
Sedan like Star Wars
Low riders with the color bars, garage priceless
High as I get, it's surprising that I ever get to drive 'em
This joint I lit'll cost you a hundred dollars
We roll 'em up back to back, no problem
Hella options, haters watching
Plotting on the riches but the snipers caught 'em
At the fences, smoking killer in the trenches
It's a war going on in the streets said many
And you ain't gotta walk out ya crib to step in it

[Outro x2:]
Shit wicked, deserve a documentary
How we made money, made music, made history

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