My city

Testo Della Canzone

My city di Gen Verde

This night that never dies,
the pain and strangled cries:
there’s violence flowing the streets,
driving us apart.
I see those haunted eyes,
I feel those broken ties.
My neighbour’s different,
he’s a stranger.
I’m afraid.

And my city’s heart grows cold,
love is dead and hope’s bben sold.
What kind of God could teach us now,
to be more human? God, You know how.

But I just can’t let go,
can’t turn away, oh no.
These people are my people.
There must be a way.
They told me that Christ died.
Two thousand years ago He cried
but He’s dying now,
dying beside me…

A God who cried in silent darkness
God, a slave to human madness.
To fill our silence, our emptiness,
You made yourself one of us.

And now I see you here.
In these eyes that gaze in fear
I know it’s You that’s asking to me
to stand by You.
You’ve made me come alive,
leave myself behind.
My neighbour’s face is Your face
and now it’s mine.

And my city’s heart grows warm,
love’s alive and hope is born.
For only Love could teach us how
to live as people.
You’ve taught us now.

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