Normal – D-Pryde Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Normal – D-Pryde

Cause I feel everything we do
And I need everything we do
If you wanna leave, then you can go
But I won't be normal
Every other guy wants something from you
But we already know what they wanna do
I could give you the world, but it won't work
Cause I can't be normal

[Verse 1]
Gotta take a flight off, I keep thinking it's not the right thing
Cause I'm leaving the fight now, you know I gotta chase my dreams
Sad faces on my computer screen
Baby you miss me, and you doin' me to do my thing
But I just hope that you don't find somebody else
Cause if you do then you'll forget


[Verse 2]
Haven't spoken to you in two days
I stay awake at five, and when I check up baby you ain't
And hell, I be working, everything just hits me hard
You know, I'm only eighteen
And I know you know my job is known for cheating ass men
Who see what they can get from fame
Easy women that would get with them because they have a name
Fraternizing with the women that they meet on every tour date
But being faithful to you is everything I portray
And every time you tell me that you leave, it breaks my concentration
Even though I'm amazing, I know that you're amazing
Which makes us amazing, can you take me away from
My alter ego, I'm afraid of being single
But you say my life's too crazy, I'm sick and I hate heart
Cause you love an average Joe with a minimum wage job
That don't have the fame I have because they're normal
But even though I'm not, I hope you like me cause I like you and adore you
Don't go


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