OMDB – Rod Wave Testo con traduzione in italiano


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, probabilmente Tago)

Come mi sento, non importa
Perché sai che sto bene (Sì, sì)
Invece, mi chiedo: "" Perché ti preoccupi? "" (Preoccupazione)
Lo sai, lo sai che sono lo stesso (lo sai che sono lo stesso)

Tuttavia, so che non mi ami, piccola (Sì)
Tentano di portarti via da me
Solo sul mio cadavere

Svegliati e guarda dentro lo specchio e mi fa esplodere (mi fa esplodere

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Il Testo della canzone di:
OMDB – Rod Wave

(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that probably Tago)

How I'm feeling, it doesn't matter
'Cause you know I'm okay (Yeah, yeah)
Instead, I ask myself, "Why do you worry?" (Worry)
You know, you know I'm the same (You know I'm the same)

Still, I know you don't love me, baby (Yeah)
They try to take you away from me
Only over my dead body

Wake up and look inside the mirror and it blows me (Blows me)
Outta all the niggas out the trenches, God chose me (Chose me)
I got the city on my back, and the city told me (Yeah)
No matter the pressure or the stress, won't bend or fold me (Fold me)
So much that come with being famous, it can drive ya crazy (Crazy)
Go check the drugs my brother takin', he's hallucinatin' (Hallucinatin')
How the hell you go and tell Nana I sold my soul to Satan?
That just how rare it is for niggas out my town to make it
Somebody grab him and pinch him, please, this ain't a dream (This ain't a dream)
Stay off the internet, king, this life ain't what it seems (Ain't what it seems)
Fuck all the blogs and the memes out there laughin' at me (Yeah)
I just woke up six million-plus on my way overseas (Yeah, yeah)
I remember five hundred dollar shows, I hit the roads for these (Roads for these)
Now I get a hunnid a occasion in the quarantine (Quarantine)
We used to be the underdog but now we standing tall (Standing tall)
The stage collapsed, the only time you'll see me fall
And niggas who ahead of me (Yeah)
Was already two years ahead of me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I got 'em reaching out for recipes
I got some other niggas scared of me (Yeah)
They used to toot they nose at me (At me)
But I ain't let it get the best of me
Same niggas toot they nose at me, can't even stand next to me (Yeah, yeah)
You know good dope gon' sell itself, I just served you a circle (Circle)
Youngin' turned nothing into something, the life of the turtle

How I'm feeling (I'm feeling), it doesn't matter (Don't matter)
'Cause you know I'm okay (Okay, yeah, yeah)
Instead, I ask myself, "Why do you worry?" (Worry)
You know, you know I'm the same (Ooh, ooh-ooh, ah)

Still, I know you don't love me, baby (I know you don't love me, baby)
They try to take you away from me (Away from me)
Only over my dead body

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