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Overtable Interlude – Cross Canadian Ragweed

I put the pedal to the metal, like a bullet through a barrel
I was halfway outta this town
The sun was sinking low, and as I watched it go where
You called me, said: Baby, won't you turn around?"
I said: Forgive me darlin', but the highway has been calling
Gonna find another town and buy some new clothes
I have to beg your pardon, but there's nothing in your garden
But a black rose
Yeah, a black rose

Well, it was fine in the beginning, but there always is an ending
And there's always a twist in the plot
That web that you've been weaving is as strong as it's deceiving
But I just ain't believing that'll get caught
I'm sure you'll find another that don't mind being smothered
By the kind of love a lover like you knows
It can only harden when it grows inside your garden
Like a black rose
Yeah, a black rose

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