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Perfect Bitch – Kanye West

Uh, do you know about this motherfuckers
All you niggas is wack
Fuck swag
He gone girl, he gone

Uh, bitches all on his nuts yeah, dawg
We swarfing, we urging
Got a bitch, she's purging,
You shiny nigga will rick curbings
Fuck swag it's my virgin,
This tight shit, no virgin
Miss Marlene, no margin
We the way you niggas know surfin'
Uh, is it something I said?
You're upset, nigga get some head
You ain't got no hoes, well nigga get some bread
No grind, you're blind nigga we'll stay instead
This is liberty, no chivalry
You thirsty trick? No sipping me
I'm on E, I'm gonna take a leak on you weak niggas
I want all hate on me,
I'm laughing to the bank like hi-hi-hi
Corny shit, don't blame it on me nigga
I'm a free nigga, I'm gonna smoke that whiskey leaf
That's spotted pale, you better inhale
Don't be a clown, get in shape
Get in shape try to get me the crown
No guessed out, don't try to act ho
Niggas I can hide, but they eyes ain't low
Squad full of niggas like Horizon's Coast
Fuck your IBM nigga, I do the most
Turned up shit, that's the life I chose
Fuck school, we gon' pack it bitch
She knows me now she better study this
Hate on me, fuck it I love this
So I finish track, nigga ya might be missed

Uh, but you never own this mother fucker,
AKA no dinero, AKA I fucked your hole
Fuck your bitch, fuck your cool, fuck EMT
Fuck them Js, shut up bitch, uh

You're Callie Stew she's Damie Green
Shit was flight, shit was flame
Fire it up, y'all shift the lane
You a whore and now what that means
You a fame, you a faithful trance
That perfect glance, your thirsty grin
Now get your fuckin' opinion
Low bitch bore us, you type cleans
Aw hell no!

Back to the point, I don't feel y'all
You the type of niggas shopin' in the mall
Fucking ranches with dirty drawers
Now don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong
I'm a turned up nigga with a couple of flaws
I've been doing some shit that wouldn't get me rich
Fuck a bad flip, that's real shit
On to the next like real quick
Wow, Coco, white girl sipping that cocoa
That mean nothing to our personal
No disrespect, I might flex tho
I make them drop them drawers with [?]
I make them ho? my pill with their eyes closed
Make them suck the dick with a blindfold
I'm trying to win the nigga with the rhinestone
Yeah, I'm with this shit
Know a couple niggas all below the cliff
Niggas want the issue, they unload the shit
Fuck 'em with some niggas I don't give a shit
Untill shit's up, why you flossing me?
Why you talking shit, like you bossing me
Tryin' to take swag like you won some of them
They can chose me, I don't know them
Uh bitch, i'm yo daddy nigga, shut up!

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