Punxsie – Divinyls Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Punxsie – Divinyls

I might be in the dark but you know who you are
They say you're the strangest one in the world
But I'm not worried no, no, no I'm not worried

You're such a punxsie thing hey looking for danger signs
Hey punxsie you don't talk to strangers

Others might put you down but myself I've finally found
That you're making my whole world go around
And it's no sacrifice no, no no it's no sacrifice

Sitting here thinking, thinking well
Sometimes in life sometimes in life
There are things you want I know what I want
There are things that you need
I know what I need bet you were quite a toy when you were a baby
And baby that ain't that long ago
But you don't want no one to know
But you don't want no one to know


Punxsie oh yeah things that you want
Punxsie oh yeah things that you need
Punxsie oh yeah
See you 'round and around see you around

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