Ragtime Annie – The Dubliners Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Ragtime Annie – The Dubliners

The night that I was married and in my married bed
Up comes the bold sea captain and stands at my bed head
Saying 'arise, arise, young wedded man and come along with me
To the Lowlands of Holland for to fight the enemy'

Oh, Holland is a lovely land and in it grows fine grain
It is a place of residence for soldiers to remain
Where the sugar cane grows plentiful and the tea grows on each tree
I never had but the one sweetheart and she's far away from me

Says the mother to the daughter 'leave off your sore lament
There's men enough in Galway to be your heart's content'
'There's men enough in Galway, but alas there's none for me
Since the high winds and the stormy seas have parted my love and me'

'I'll wear no stays around my waist, no combs all in my hair
No handkerchief around my neck, to shade my beauty fair
And neither will I marry until the day I die
Since the high winds and the stormy seas have parted my love and I'

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