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Real Live – Bun-B Testo della Canzone. è la più grande enciclopedia musicale italiana, sul nostro sito oltre i testi delle canzoni potete trovare: traduzioni delle canzoni, accordi per chitarra, spartiti musicali e molto altro.


Il Testo della della canzone Di: Real Live – Bun-B

[Intro: Bun B]
Bitch don't play... for real!
It P.I.
No bullshit!
Back up off me!
I'm so serious about this.
I'm So serious about this...
Move around bitch if you ain't dyin' move around bitch!
Church on the move!

[Bun B:]
Say bitch you fuckin' with a boss, (boss!)
"Trill O.G" that didn't come to take a loss. (take a loss!)
I paid the cost to be who I - are, (are!)
And they know it when they see me ridin' my car. (car!)
Candy - with the dro inside a big jar, (jar!)
I'm bout to roll that motherfucka in a ci-gar (ci-gar!)
And when the Swisha sweet is hit I'd be - careful (why,)
That smoke will have you coughin all your shit up! (all your shit up!)
I'm in my everyday get up (what?)
Black-T, Levi's, Jordans and them diamonds that stay lit up. (stay lit up!)
You wanna be like Bun Beeta, step yo feet up,
Nigga this is playa school, pay attention sit up! (nigga sit up!)
Cause Big Daddy's on the block (block!)
Smokin' private stock and his bitch is sellin' cock. (cock!)
Hit the block grab the cash, get the cheese and get the dough
And if you never did this shit befo' (shiit!) - you can hit the door! (hit the door!)

[Chorus: Bun B]
I need a real live hoe! (live hoe!)
That'll pick it up and drop it to the floor. (to the floor!)
Fo' sho'! - Now bust it open let me see it,
If you're lookin' for a man, hoe you know I can't be it. (can't be it!) [x2]

[The Gator Main:]
Okay! Gator Main, nigga! - I-I, I needa real live bitch! (live!)
To get out on that block until her daddy get rich. (uh-huuh!)
Now come and let a nigga put you on my gift list
This rep a lot bitch; grab a shovel dig this. (dig this!)
Broke bitch, get a hustla flip this, (God!)
If you don't like it you can raise like a lift kit. (a lift kit!)
Lil' bitty boy - I was lifted,
Off of Kush smoke - 7 grain, I must of missed it. (missed it!)
I started blowin up like some bisquick,
Fishstick-ass nigga plex it was dismissed.
My name be on top of nigga's hit list,
Betta yet my name be on top of a nigga's wish list! (wish list!)
Canary diamonds lookin like a piss test, (why?)
Shawtty wanna be with me she betta be a rich bitch. (rich bitch!)
Or she betta be a dime done diva
When I'm down in H-Town fuckin' 'round with Bun Beeta. - Nigga!

[Chorus x2]

Everywhere I go hold up pimpin' is respected ('ey, 'ey!)
Hoes keep a playa chose, honor and except it. ('ey, 'ey!)
Astonishin collective, my ism is effected ('ey!)
Wake up to some pressed clothes, pussy and some breakfast. (God!)
Pimpin' is a threshold - physically neglected,
Women call my phone and plee for GLC to smash this ('ey, 'ey! cash!)
Tryna check on me and see what they can come and help with ('ey, 'ey, 'ey!)
Beezies is some L.I.G.'s they wasn't on the shelf bitch. (oh, God!)
Just because your man be there wearin' that wear that's got some velvet, (ah-hahaha!)
He is least intreguin so I call him Robert Redford.
Get an A for effort, ('ey, 'ey!)
That when situations lead to somethin' desperate. - I'm at another airport!
Church is on the move, ew, let me be your shep-haaaard!
The mackin' Moses I was on it.
I was caught up in the moment, Mackin' moment of a tone, ('ey, 'ey!)
Askin' me to be your man when you know the answer's: "No!" Bitch... (hell, noooo!)

[Chorus x4]

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