Ride’s Blues (For Robert Johnson) – Dion Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Ride's Blues (For Robert Johnson) – Dion

Hitcher on the back road, man with his guitar
Said take me to the crossroads, crossroads ain't that far
He said he come up from the delta, He said he liked my car
He told me on the way there, he was born in sin
What else is new?

I said I ride that road yeah and, I know just where you been
I don't know where I'm headed, I can't go back again
You tell me what you got now, I'll tell you what you've lost
Tell me what you bought now, tell me what it cost
Look out of your window, gone like morning frost

You know I took him to the crossroad, I took him down that day
Left him at the crossroads, saw him kneel and pray
In my rearview mirror, I watched him fade away

You know back in town they're talking, they say he sold his soul
They say he died for nothing, they dumped him in the hole
You know they're talking, say they dumped in a hole
He must be burning they say, burning black as coal

I said they don't know nothing, they don't know that man's blood
I say I saw that man rise from Mississippi mud
I said that man was clean, as Jack from Jordan's flood
He went down to the crossroad, and fell down on his knees
Yes Lord above have mercy, he said save poor Bobby if you please

He sure is star in heaven, burning 'bove the seas
He sure is star in heaven, burning bright above the seas

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