Right Here – Wiz Khalifa


Questa canzone è contenuta nell’album Deal or no Deal

Testo della canzone

Right Here – Wiz Khalifa


I heard that love, was bliiiind
But girl I’ve seen it (girl I’ve seen it)
And I need it (yes I need it)
I want to make, you miiiiine
And girl you know it, cause I showed it
Please don’t blow it
What you need is right here (ahhh oh)
What you need is right here (ahhh)
Everything you need is right here (Right here, here, here) (oooh)
What you need is right here (ahhh)
Everything you need is right here (here, here, here)
(I got it right here for you girl)
And no I’m not there
It’s true them other dudes don’t compare
See I got girls a few I don’t care
When I see you, I stop and I stare
I’m not some player
Or just some guy
You like my swagger
Think that I’m fly
You caught my eye
Across this club
I’m way pass drunk
I think I’m in love
And you my drug
I need you most
I take you until I overdose
Come here get close
And hit this smoke
If you want ‘scape
Then we can get ghost
If you want go
Back to my crib
Get interested
Won’ see how I live
Some peace and quiet
To get to know Wiz
Before we slide
You need to know this


And no where else
It ain’t my fault can’t myself
I catch my breath
When I see you
You just my style
So whatchu won’ do
You private it can just be us two
If you got friends
Then bring your crew
You know how to keep a secret
Me too
I won’t tell no one else what we do
Puttin your nails all in my tattoo
I want you bad as hell and that’s true
You tell me what a playa gott’ do
To make you understand a mad dude
I won’t act new
When I’m around
If you end up lettin’ me bust you down
I ain’t no clown
That you know this
Before we slide you need to know this


So don’t go far
I won’ be everywhere that you are
Your biggest fan
So be my star
I hope you find your way to my car
I take my time, do this right
I’m down for anything that you like
Make girls play the left
Cause your right
Just one thing to tell you tonight


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