Roll it


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2009 Hotness

Testo Della Canzone

Roll it di Rihanna

roll it girl, roll it girl
control it girl, roll it girl

De way me wine and me rock and me dip so
Look ‘ow me dance to reggae and calypso
Nuff style me ah ‘ave
Ah so me go so back to de left and de right mek a flip so
Waistline me ‘ave plenty (Buckle up!)
And prepare fi de wine ah de century
Me look good an’ me fresh an’ me clean
Ah you nah ready fi de Bajan Queen
Burnin’ up seh me body pon fyah
Blaze it up tek ya temperature higer
Ya dun kno Shontelle score a perfect ten
(Roll it up!)
Dis a Bajan-Jamaican blend!

roll it girl, roll it girl
control it girl, roll it girl
You know me love de way you work dat body,
roll it girl, roll it girl
gyal, ya dont stop once you get started,
control it girl, roll it girl

If yuh sexy and ya know it (throw ya hands up high)
Girl you ave it you should show it (baby dont be shy)
Make it bounce up an down now (fling it pon de right)
Wine yuh body to the ground now (girl we got all night)

[Repeat Chorus]

Lose yourself and wine your waistline (baby take your time)
Grind your body to the bassline (make me lose my mind)
Shake that thing your mama gave you (its too big to ide)
Its a blessing that she made you (girl me nah gon lie)

Dip it fast and dip it slow (any way you like)
Dont hold back just let it go (baby its alright)

[Repeat Chorus]

So you say that you want me to roll it
Tell me boy now can you control it
I bring the fire, you bring the heat
Dont hold back baby, give it to me
It aint so easy to please me ya know
Boy put it on me and then we can roll

Brand new style come fi done de place up
All of my girl come wine yo waste up
Dj selector turn de bass up
All of my girl come show u face up

Pippin under that gal roll wah u got
Zum zum naany naany ago mek me hot
Yo, gal brok out get loose do the chaka chaka
Wine it up roll it up lika caterpilla

[Repeat Chorus]

All the girls now report to the dance floor
And shake what ya mama gie ya
Yall hear me now? Yes girls. Line up 1 by 1, 2 by 2
Lets go!

[Repeat Chorus]

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