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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Same Disease – Dave Hause

I only ever want it cause it makes me sick
So give it to me now and give it to me quick
Like a lime diseased parasitic little tick
Latched on and burrowed in until the poison sticks

Don't bother trying to tell me it'll make me sick
I can quiet down the bees after a couple sniffs
She says "c'mon, pull it together baby get a grip"
But her hands on my hip and she's biting my lip

I don't want it cause it just keeps making me sick
I want it, oh I want it
I can't feel alive unless I'm feeling sick

I think she fell in love because it made her sad
You can get pretty good at feeling pretty bad
I thought this thing was tight thought it was ironclad
But I think she fell in love because it made her sad

She fed a bitter river now she's up to her throat
She set fire to the dock and to the motorboat
Now she's screaming at me to come and keep her afloat
It's a poison she designed with no antidote

She don't love it, she don't love it
Because it just keeps making her sad
She loves it, she loves it
She can't feel alive unless she's feeling sad

Now I'm wide awake and well aware
That our sick sad hearts are our cross to bear
And I'd heal that sick if I thought I could
And the sad must get old baby...

We've got the same disease
Set me free

We've got the same disease
Let's get free

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