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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Secret Agent Man – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Secret agent man, secret agent man (How you see me when you see me? Drinkin' on Hennessy and Remy)...

I could've killed 'em when I read the verdict, fuck them laws! They got my brother already they can lick on my balls (Lick my balls bitch) And I ain't playin' with these undercover's, that's on my brother
They tryin' to invade us cause we paper chasin', sneaky mother fuckers
Wanna infiltrate the clique, ain't penetratin' shit
Coppers, they can suck a dick, they must not know who they fuckin' with
Buckin' clips with a pistol grip, tommy guns all over Cleveland
Leave 'em bleedin' no longer breathin' bloody bodies on the scene
Ain't no regards, no respect
I'm that nigga that's gonna protect me, ain't no Po-po that's gonna come check me, put me out of the game, better jade me
My correction cause I'm squeaky clean, they hate it when you hit the block
I'll be glorifin' them D Boys and quick to say "Fuck the cops"
Got the block on lock, got the dope spot hot, got them Fed's in them unmarked cars right up the block
My souljahs in positions just incase they wan' raid
Come a little closer I'm a show ya, I'ma let my gun blaze, and I'm a let my gun blaze, I'm a let my gun blaze

Secret agent man, secret agent man (I can't stand no motherfuckin')...

I'm lookin' for niggas that got the heart to get down, and get with the static, get with the action
Willin' to blast the policeman if they have to
Put my nation of souljahs, nigga's that is made up of thugs, out of 50 million niggas, how man can they cuff? I'm gettin' my niggas all ready for war so when its time to throwdown we gon' make sure we have more than enough ammo to go round
They come from Cleveland to Watts, we peepin' the cops
Here we got some killas standin' around Miami and Cincinnatti
Just waitin' for the word to rush in invade the burbs and let that whole mother fucker burn (Burn) burn (Burn)
Nigga wanna do me inmurder, cold blooded
There'll be no clues on it, they won't know who done it
Nigga we represent the thug shit all over the world (World) from the ghettoes and The Bay to the Brooklyn Burels
They are my niggas screamin' "Thug Power" and bustin' off some mother fuckin' shots at them undercover cops, at the cops (Try it again, would you repeat that?)

Secret agent man, secret agent man (Now when you're fuckin' with me make sure you know what your doin')...

(Fake ass niggas) Don't hate on no niggas I came with all my thug niggas
You know we really can't trust these niggas like bitches they after figures
And I can't take no losses no mo' a hot one to your body, get to fuckin' with my dome
I'm serious and I ain't no hater but niggas better know that I'm furious
We comin though, the kickin' the door makin' it clear for us
And I ain't trustin' nobody cause everybody keeps plottin' like they dumped off the watchin'
Express myself through the music tryin' to stay cool, but I'm a thug true and ain't no tellin at anytime what I might do
It's 2002, we brew
Let family get this money, no time to be fuckin' with you (You better watch out)

Secret agent man, secret agent man (Yeah nigga we heard about all of the murders, look what they did to Tyrone)...

Mister Defensive, relentlesly in the trench, the water feedin' my body feelin' like grindin' ever since
Cash and murder can see me lately off in this
And they better be ready we be comin' with Bloods and all the Crips, yeah
Droppin' the coat, like bitch niggas be droppin' the soap
Coppin' the Coupe with the Benz
Whatever floats my boat
In the trunk with the throat slit, quicker than a fake-ass rapper still in the house in the pit, out of the window with his kids
Since it's a bitch and a pitchfork for poor, and a plane ride to Cali, cause I heard out the dough
Feelin' the war with one force for d's and all
They can find me I'm in the ghetto with the rough, rugged and raw
Metaphor all ya'll, congregation halellujah, feelin' this collar on me
Cop killa, Bizzy Yakuza
Lil' Bryan and I'm ridin' for the cause like Zion
You shouldn't have killed my nigga Loc' soon enough you'll be cryin' yeah (You son of a bitch)

Secret Agent Man (I can't stand no motherfuckin) Secret Agent Man (Yeah nigga we heard about all of the murders look what they did to Tyrone) Secret Agent Man (Ain't no way to be safe, nigga its the army brigade) Secret Agent Man (It's from me to you...) Secret Agent Man (Leave me alone, leave me alone) Secret Agent Man (Tryin' to be a hero) Secret Agent Man
Secret Agent Man (Leave me alone, leave me alone)


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