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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Seeing Is Believing – Sarah Brightman

Seeing is believing,
And in my arms I see her:
She's here,
Really here,
Really mine now --
She seems at home here...

Seeing is believing,
I dream that it would be her:
At last
Life is full,
Life is fine now...

Whatever happens,
One thing is certain:
Each time I see
A train go by,
I'll think of us,
The night, the sky

Seeing is believing,
Who knows where this is going
Who cares, it's enough simply knowing
I'm going with you

Seeing is believing
I never thought I'd be here
He's young, very young,
But appealing --
I feel I know him...

Seeing is believing
And I like what I see here.
I like where I am, what I'm feeling...

What are we doing?
Can you believe it?
A starving actress and a star-struck boy --
Oh well, we might as well enjoy
The moment...

Seeing is believing
And everything is saying
It's real, it's no game that we're playing
We're staying in love

Can you believe it?
Seeing is believing

And I like what I see here

I like where I am, what I'm feeling

Whatever happened, we have this moment
Who needs tomorrow when we have today?

Tonight the music might just play forever

Seeing is believing!
My life is just beginning!
We touched,
And my head
Won't stop spinning,
From winning
Your love!

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