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Shaq Carried Kobe – Domo Genesis

If you don't want me then don't speak like fantasia
[?] need a Jamaican coloured bapesters
Me and all my dogs flirting with that euthanasia
Some niggas caught the wave and some niggas caught cases
But you know we game
Hardly ever in control even though you playin'
Couple options got on hold but just know I'm weighing
And you ain't livin' out your songs, you're just know [?]
Feed my marijuana jones and then I'm in my zone again
They ain't tryna see me back on my old shit
Durag 2x [?] over that phone clip
That 24 gram watch me bust down the zone shit
Run the play back to back on some watching the throne shit
Don't let me catch you 'less you know me
Niggas are down, you bad and turn they back and be you're homie
I ain't got a blunt of weed or even matches for a phoney
Make me laugh like Shaquille Shaq carried Kobe
Y'all just some funny niggas

You niggas is hilarious
Modern day embarrassments
My blackness is synonymous
With Odells, Marcels, Mabels and Clarences
Black ass names filled with black ass arrogance
The good doctor Tigallo, called me a emeritus, called me a reverend
With the essence of Leo in the revenant
But called me a brethren
Or you could just call me "that nigga"
What could be more American?
This ain't no shit for the ascots
This is for the galaxies and planets of Asgard
Black mirror effect, at my own neck with a glass shard
I'm ready to set it, I'm Kim Jung in a rap squad
Looking at the switch like: mask on, fuck it, mask off
Either learn the game or you will end up a mascot
When Te's in the building just prepare for the onslaught
It's gonna be a good night
Tell you niggas, bon soir

Get in line motherfucker
Ready to die motherfucker
It's yours truly, ha, Mr.HowTheFuckIsYouGonnaTellMe
Plus I came with 99 motherfuckers
Like it's 1999 motherfucker
Get high motherfucker
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
Uh, Put lotion on them [?] ass socks
Before you step out your crib
Niggas ain't never put no lotion on they socks
You don't know 'bout the struggle then
Put some lotion on some [?] socks them shits come right back to life
Y'all niggas don't know the struggle man
Bring your little ass in the house man
See the streetlights is on, it's cold as hell out here
Fuck is wrong with you?

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