Sneakin’ Around – Dolly Parton Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Sneakin' Around – Dolly Parton

I like fancy, frilly things
High heeled shoes and diamond rings
Rag time bands and western swingin'
Sneakin' around with you
Well I like beer and rodeos
Detective books and dominos
Football games and Cheerios
And sneakin' around with you

Sneakin' around with you
Goin' around or two
Doin' what lovers do
Whenever they're sneakin' around

I like lots of cash on hand
And dirty jokes about the fuller-brush man
I like stuff I understand
Like sneakin' around with you

You know, I like a thrill that has no strings
Friendship that don't ever change
And laughter from the joy of things
And sneakin' around with you


I like drive-in picture shows
Kissin' long and lovin' slow
Secret places lovers go
Whenever they're sneakin' around

Ooh I like the crazy things we try
And the sexy things we fantasise
Just makin' out in the broad day light
And sneakin' around with you

[2nd Chorus:]
Sneakin' around with you
Keepin' it all brand new
Gettin' the best of you
Whenever we're sneakin' around
Sneakin' around, that's all
I'm gonna lay down the law
Watchin' her rise and fall
An' lovin' our sneakin' around
We're just sneakin' around
Aw, we're just sneakin'

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