SoulFly – Rod Wave Testo con traduzione in italiano


(Pipa quella merda TnT)
Quindi l'hai capito?
Si Ho capito
Ok, sto solo controllando
Hai ragione?
(Tahj Money)
Non mi sento bene
Va bene, chiamami quando arrivi a casa
(Shaad Krounds)

Conversando con la mamma, lei dice che sono troppo in profondità
Fino a quando i miei negri non saranno ricchi e liberi, è difficile farmi dormire un po '
È difficile farmi un po 'di pace con tutta la merda che sto c

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SoulFly – Rod Wave

(Pipe that shit up TnT)
So did you get it?
Yeah, I got it
Okay, I'm just checking
You alright?
(Tahj Money)
I don't feel good
Alright, call me when you get home
(Shaad Krounds)

Conversatin' with mama, she say I'm in too deep
Until my niggas rich and free, it's hard to get me some sleep
It's hard to get me some peace with all the shit that I be battlin'
So many ups and downs, sometimes I feel like I can't balance it
It be challenging, so many challenges (Yeah)
Oh father, it's safe to say times harder (This shit get harder)
My pops say, "Son, be smarter, you a artist and a father"
My unc' say, "Now, be smarter, you a target and regardless
You a leader to them people and them young niggas is watchin'
Them young niggas believe in you, don't let 'em down, be cautious"
And I got skills in other things but rich off rappin' pain
So much that came with all this fame, but I remain the same
Hope you don't think 'cause I got change, that's what made me change
It's just this life got so strange, I had to switch lanes
Niggas pulled up and I'll be outside
Laid in the cut like peroxide, yeah
I vowed to be frontline when shots fired
I was out of town that night when **** died, yeah
Standin' in church, blurry-eyed that I had to confess (Yeah)
I seen my nigga laid to rest in his Sunday best
Polo on his head and chest, now that's casket fresh
Wish we would've seen eye to eye before you left
And where I'm from, it's an eye for an eye, nothing else
Ain't no love, it ain't no help, every man for they self
Better watch your homies, keep your strap or get strapped to a shelf (Grrah)
Ain't no complaining, when it's raining, play the hand you dealt
Ain't got no opps, just some niggas who mad that I made it (Yeah)
And since you niggas mad I made it, pick a casket, baby
On the net exaggeratin', ain't even half as gangster
It's funny and it's fascinatin' how even family hatin'
Wanna hit the show but you ain't show up to my graduation (Yeah, yeah)
I can't take y'all to the top, I ain't no elevator
Think of my cousin Deyjah
Was way in 2013 when she left, I was 15 when she left

They say it won't be long, all I want
Is when the horn blows and when they all cry
I pray my soul flies, pray my soul flies
Pray my soul flies (Turn into the fuckin' birds)
They say it won't be long, all I want
Is when the horn blows and when they all cry
I pray my soul flies, pray my soul flies (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I pray my soul flies, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare the cabin for takeoff
Make sure your seatbacks are secured in the upright and locked position (Pray my soul flies)
Your tray tables put away and all carry on items are securely stowed (I pray my soul flies)
We will be moving through the cabin for a final safety check
And ask that you please review the safety regulation card located in the seat pocket in front of you
Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight

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