Str8 Like Dat – Joyner Lucas Testo con traduzione in italiano


Sì (Buck, buck)
Dito medio ai miei nemici, dritti così (Sì)
Questa è la storia più vera mai raccontata, dritto così (dritto, uh)
Sul mio telefono, parliamo di codici, dritto così (Brrr)
Questa è la merda che li tiene in punta di piedi, dritti così (Buck, buck)
Quanti negri raggiungono i loro obiettivi? Dritto così (Hey)
Quanti negri hanno piegato? Quindi le dita dei piedi, dritte così (Uh)
Ti ho t

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Str8 Like Dat – Joyner Lucas

Yeah (Buck, buck)
Middle fingers to my foes, straight like that (Yeah)
This the truest story ever told, straight like that (Straight, uh)
On my phone, we speakin' codes, straight like that (Brrr)
This the shit that keep them on they toes, straight like that (Buck, buck)
How many niggas reach they goals? Straight like that (Hey)
How many niggas folded? So they toes, straight like that (Uh)
Cut you off, you had to go, straight like that (Woo)
I just need some space for me to grow, straight like that (Yeah)
If it's fuck me, then it's fuck you, straight like that (Buck, buck)
You ain't hard to find for me touch you, straight like that (Ah)
Had to grind, had to hustle, straight like that (Yeah)
Gained a piece of mind from the struggle, straight like that (Uh)
Multi-platinum sellin' millionaire, straight like that (Buck)
Those you think I owe 'em wasn't there, straight like that (Yeah)
A couple dollars in the prayers, straight like that (Woah)
Ain't a single nigga that I fear, straight like that (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I done shed a couple tears, straight like that (Hey)
Pourin' liquor for those who ain't here, straight like that (Uh)
Since you gon' make me disappear, straight like that (Yeah)
Then you gon' have to prove it, that's a dare, straight like

You weren't afraid of them runnin' it (Woo)
Give it the way that you wanted it (Oh)
I never knew what the money would do
If I knew, then I wouldn't want none of it (Buck, buck)
Niggas I thought I was cool with is schemin'
But they wanna dap me in public
I'm startin' to think that I'm numb to it
I wear my heart on my sleeve, but decided to cover it (Rrah)
Wonder how crazy my son'd get (Buck)
I wrote a book, and then buried and covered it
Hope that he'd never discover it
Wonder if he only knew all the shit that the other kids
I gotta put me in front of it (Hey)
I want it all and they only want some of it
I think I need me a ton of it
They wanted drama until I decided to come

Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight
(Straight, straight, straight, straight)
Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight
(Straight, straight)

Yeah (Buck, buck), look
Sober minds is my regime, straight like that (Woah, yeah)
I don't do no drugs or sip no lean, straight like that, yeah (Skkrt)
Crack turned my cousin to a fiend, straight like that (Fact)
I just hope that one day he might get clean, straight like that
Pop this shit, I'll make a scene, straight like that (Pop)
I might take this shit to the extreme, straight like that (Crack, yeah)
Twenty-nine, bitch, that's my team, straight like that
If they don't buy my shit, then they gon' stream, straight like that (Oh-oh)
New bitch in my crib, I might just dick her, straight like that (Stripper)
I just flip her over, I don't kiss her, straight like that (Yeah)
I ain't fallin' for no stripper, straight like that (Never)
I said fuck the labels and got richer, straight like that
Used to struggle, now we icey, straight like that (Icey)
Hope my daughter don't meet no one like me, straight like that (Word)
If she do, he gotta fight me, straight like that (Brrap)
Someone gotta pay as shit get pricey straight like that

Hope in the four and I'm swervin' it (Ah)
They want a dish and I'm servin' it (Ah)
Word to the niggas who thought I was leavin'
I told 'em I'm stayin', it's permanent (Buck)
Typical nigga been hurtin' these women
They feelings, they wasn't deservin' it
I broke their heart and I'm sure of it
I did some damage, I hope that one day I can learn from it (Buck, buck, buck)
That probably won't be the first of it (Yeah)
I'm on a journey, I feel like a journalist
Never had many alternatives
Only way out is to murder it, I gotta murder it (Ah-ah)
I bet that you be observin' it
I'm all the way up and I'm feelin' the turbulence
I need my peace, you disturbin' it
You put some drop up inside my pocket and it's startin' to

Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight
(Straight like, straight like, straight like)
Straight like that, straight like that, straight like that, straight

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