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Traduzione in Italiano

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Stretch It – JB Scofield

Stretch It, Stretch it
Make sure the money do, Oh my god! (x3)
Stretch it, Stretch it, Stretch it

My bro just came from Dubai
Now he wants 4 wives
Man I told him thatʼs madness
Money make the world do backflips
Make sure you keep it all together elastic

Stretch it, Stretch it

Make sure the money do backflips
This one must have came from…
If i say it then itʼs gonna be a long ting

What you mean man sound like this guy, which guy?
I donʼt even know what theyʼre on
Let me sip my tea
Canʼt take me for a mug
Man Iʼve done this from time
About time that they clocked


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