Tea for two – Raffaella Carrà


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1973 Scatola a sorpresa
1975 Il meglio di Raffaella Carrà
1977 Ritratto di…Raffaella Carrà

Testo Della Canzone

Tea for two –  Raffaella Carrà

(Norval – Gallant – Youmans)Well now then
Picture you
Upon my knee
Just tea for two
And two for tea
Just me for you
And you for me
Nobody near us
To see us or hear us
No friends or relations
On weekend vacations.
We won’t have it known
That we own a telephone,
Day will break and you’ll awake
And start to bake a sugar cake,
For me to take for all the boys to see.
We will raise a family,
A boy for you, and a girl for me.
Oh, can’t you see
How happy we would be?




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