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The Briefing – Curren$y

Jets nigga now where haven't we...
Went solo on that ass but it's still the same
Nigga's try'na jump ship to catch a ride on the plane
Nigga's don't got shit to do they're throwing dirt on my name
I ain't got nothing to do but tie by big shoe strings
Louis pouch for loose change, couple joints of mary jane
A few stars burst
You know who bought those cars first
You know who fuck them broads thirst
Them niggas flows be bad
You know who toss those bars worst
Spitta that nigga man star classman of the verse
Drug hip hop for my verse
Told her baby wake up now may I play you a few cuts
Jets baby you try'na see us then look up
By most I pulled two cuts
My tesla roadster do donuts
I don't ride that bitch too much I'm try'na keep the mileage low
I'm the difference between a yacht and a shrimp boat
Your the difference between a thrift store and trench coat
The difference between a dog screamin' and kindly coached
This ain't a mixtape but dream this is really so
It's nothing the game you lames are a crack in the door
We being stingy we ain't givin away swagga no more
So when we shop we make the owners close down the store
Yeah, and they look up to the jets
Nigga now where haven't we been yet

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