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Il Testo della della canzone Di: The Last Christians – Canibus

[Verse 1 - Canibus:]
Oblivious Christians, Muslims most of them
Puppet master controls both of them
All spoken language was created by Satan
Planet Earth is a captured operation
Lies cannot exist without speech
Humankind can't trust what they see, tell me what are your beliefs?
Are they a multiple or singular God
Do you follow 10 commandments or 10 thousand laws?
Life on Mars, what are the odds?
Do I remember being there, nah but what if I was brainwashed?
The tier one scientists, that's they main job
To teach you where you are and not where you came from
The telescope is offline, why?
The culture divides due to confusion most of the time
History's always been sorted
Important facts not reported, real Hip hop is not recorded
Dark forces, shadow sorcerers, de-facto black marketers
Families feuding in their corporate offices
The Running Man strangles Mr. Dawson outside Guy Fawkes apartment
Right after the Boston Bombing
I'm in the pawn shop, make me an offer
Take two more derivatives and call me in the morning doctor
E.coli malaria water, earthquake victims still starving
Babies born with bar codes on their organs
Holocaust healthcare was never any better than welfare
A lot of people think it ain't fair
They should drop food from drones instead of dropping bombs
Jimmy Crack Corn from modified hormones
Soybean Tofu grow produce
Faggot ass doctor wanna grab your prostate and he don't even know you
I got nerves of steel protected from electrical surge
My curse words become medical terms
He said "Allahu akbar" and then blew up the plane
They said, "God bless his radioactive remains"
Tactical protocol was changed from that moment on
The whole world's at war but not for long
They say from disaster comes peace, God bless the deceased
They had to pick up the rest of his teeth
First and last name, RFID in your brain
Shackled to some chains on a train
Close quarters close margins, no wiggle room on the target
Stay close like titties and armpits
Bioceramic bone fragments, post apocalyptic mathematics
How do you weaponize a rabbit?
Fusion ignition, a new way of thinking just listen
Close enough to hear the laser beams whisper

[Verse 2 - Canibus:]
Pyramids on every planet
Spacecrafts crash landed and disbanded, left in a sandpit
A Christian cross stands outside a crater
Faint crescent moonlike shapes glows through the vapour
21st century mega quakes shake ups
Mommy late for work with messed up make-up
Daddy lost his job, they might break up
He makes 25 cents a week (He makes what?)
The country hungry and tired, Nero is fine tuning his lyre
The empire is consumed by fire
Parliament closely monitored, School bus size comets hit Washington
People in the church talking about God again
Tsunami - what you mean God?
I mean watch the ocean sea saw up thousands of feet to the seafloor
Thought process froze, think but do not disclose
Rap music don't barter no gold
All the plaques we got were fake
Just like this horse shit reality they make you think you create
Dummies amused by the sound of their own laughter
Black gold sprays from white holes in Alaska
Didn't wanna listen when they told you
Now you eating Soybean Tofu, the government owns you
The Antichrist approaches, everybody holds their noses
They know death don't smell like roses
The minister was putting on his tube socks
Went downstairs in the elevator like 2Pac
A foreign diplomats jewel box is no match for elite rulers toolbox
Look how many rules they got, no respect, human conditional disconnect
There's nothing left, certainly less than you would dare suspect
Yet perhaps maybe there's more
Crystal quartz tuning forks, mind control forces strangle your thoughts
My land is lost and now I can't talk or walk
I cry out "my kingdom for a horse!"
Operation full spectrum I reviewed all the metrics
I removed everything that was pleasant, dig a hole to get over depression
Psycho psychic methods, if it works, then why switch the method?
They control the entire globe, they say "I don't care what you know earthman
Just do what you're told!"
Dents, Nicks, Cracks, Splints and other Swedish laments
The best poetry barely makes sense
Their pulse race, blood all over their face
This craziness, an nobody's coming to save us
His mortal wounds were heat treated, we were unable to stop the bleeding
Humans retreating, robots feeding, boulder size rocks are reeling
The earth is squealing, dollar crash
And Wall Street didn't even feel it!
What you dealing with what you gon' eat a meal with
No tangibles? Don't even think about stealing it
Purify your h20 and stop moving so slow
You already know where we gotta' go
Opsec topside, Tony Stark bomblets, rockslide
Twist metal, a bent up carbine
Sweet Caroline, double barrel time
They wanna' beef, don't let em get past the cattle line
Retched, dusty ass stetsion, isotope sensors
This is a community consensus, boys will be boys
Men playing with contaminated toys
The future is full of so much joy
Burgundy maroon John Mayer, blue tooth black root
Yohimble bark root player, soothsayer
Whose within the distance to hear, they don't care
God bless the parying pepper who is scared but prepared
A brand new world begins after pole shift planet overspin
Awe, here we go again, modern day martyrs sing chorus
Ave verum corpus from the pinnacle of tire bale fortress
This is your world, take it back if you want it
But you can't sit at that table without a offering
Pursed lips like Mick Jagger, a bowl of hot soup cracker barrel
Raisin oatmeal with apples, illegal 7.62 rounds in the satchel
This is unnatural, the sentence is death if they catch you
Fuel station incineration, all over the nation
Devils flying all over creation
Don't open that box, it belongs to Pan
And he will compose music for the songs of man
Area 51 is off limits to intellectually timid
Humankind really has no business, if you wanna to see a fight start
Just turn the lights off, just a dark world and a tragedy of life lost

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