The Most Subtle Flex Ever – Domo Genesis Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: The Most Subtle Flex Ever – Domo Genesis

It's the subtle flex and know that imma creep right in
Screaming love, peace, and chicken grease, my deep fried friends
I'm on the street until I complete my ends
Can't sleep but fuck it, life is just a dream I'm in
And can't call it, man this weed is anabolic
Got me stalling trying to leave the crib
And I can't find my wallet, them just stoner nigga problems
Man, I manage, although at times outlandish fella
I'm cooling with a bitch from Spanish novellas
Twisting like a propeller
It's Dom's house from in the attic to down in the cellar
I'm brainstorming for the one's who ignored they umbrellas
Let the sky fall cause we already high above it
Ain't no need to check on how I am and how I've been blunted
And I ain't feeling nothing, your rap sheet is all cheats
All heat, blazing a trail, you niggas is frost feet
I'mma be the reason that you shook and you lost sleep
You baby ass niggas still locked in your carseat
I'm slept on like Mark Price
But I'm the voice of the kids like Nancy Cartwright
Come on dog, bark right
You need to get your heart right
Flow down, Act right, fresh beats and a mic
And I'm in that bitch all night
You love life? Well I'm fucking your girl
Before I'm done, I'll pull it out and just bust on the world
Money make the globe spin and I'm in lust with the twirl
This is a gem, my flow covered in pearls
Nigga who selling churros

Cause, cause them bitches is fire. (Churros is good).
Yeah, and they go good with horchata.
Horchata taste good with 'em?
Ya know I be on my Spanish shit.
My Spanish bitch.
Yeah [laughs]
I want some of yo Brown Sugar [x2]
This for the bitches right here. Here look:
I want some of yo Brown Sugar [x2]
Y'all like that? That's my lil Ray J
I want some of yo Brown Sugar
Yeah that was fire right there.
I wanna hear that back, lemme hear that back.
Let me here just the singing part, that shit sound fire
I want some of yo Brown Sugar [x2]
I stretched that one out

Hey nigga, you did get some more Zig-Zags, didn't you?
Oh shit nigga I forgot
What the fuck you mean you forgot nigga
That’s the whole reason we went up in that motherfucker
My bad man damn I just want some rubbers man you know
I’m just tryna go to Monique’s house tonight
Whatever man, hey man, ya'll wanna hit this shit, homie? we cool
Fuck ya’ll Muslim’s or sumin
No we just don’t do that
Fuck it mo' for me
Tryna be generous to you little nigga’s and look
how you do man I don't understand youngsters nowadays boy
A man pass that shit back this way
Fuck you boy you ain’t getting no zig zag
You ain’t getting no drig drag punk
That shit raw nigga, I should be a motherfucking rapper or summin
Yeah right, I'm harder than D.M.C
Man you crazy nigga
I’m more serious than a motherfucker, make a whole album about smoking weed
Nigga ain’t nobody ‘bout to buy no album about smoking weed
If I get some fresh ass beats like this right here boy, we’ll sell millions,
Weed is universal, you name me one great that don’t smoke bud
See, nigga I’ll sell millions I’m telling you, call that mo'fucker the weed album, errybody getting high

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