The Return – Domo Genesis Testo della canzone

The Return – Domo Genesis Testo della Canzone. è la più grande enciclopedia musicale italiana, sul nostro sito oltre i testi delle canzoni potete trovare: traduzioni delle canzoni, accordi per chitarra, spartiti musicali e molto altro.


Il Testo della della canzone Di: The Return – Domo Genesis

[Interlude - L-Boy:]
And just like that we back up in this motherfucker. I know y'all niggas didn't think it would be Under The Influence 2 without me. Your boy motherfucking L-Boy on this shit. Cause I'm back to grace this motherfucking track, nigga. I've been hearing niggas saying that "oh, L-Boy ain't that high. That boy don't smoke crack no more, that nigga washed up, he went to rehab." I'm letting you niggas know right now I'm deading all the rumors. I stay higher than any motherfucking nigga you ever met in your life. I've been high for like 7 days straight now, nigga. I haven't seen my eyes, nigga. I'm too high, nigga. You understand what I'm saying? Cause I don't, nigga. I don't even speak English no more, motherfucker, that's how high I am, nigga. You feel me? No, nigga, you don't feel me, shut the fuck up and listen to me, nigga. Cause I'm about to lay this motherfucking smooth shit down, nigga. Cause we back up in this bitch, motherfucker. That's all I got to say. Alright, I'm out, I'm out of here. Cut me off, nigga. Why is this still going? Just cut the motherfucking track. Nigga, cut the got damn track off, nigga. You hear me? Fuck, I gotta do everything myself

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