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Il Testo della della canzone Di: They Need Love – Jonny Diaz

He's been preached at a million times
So he can tell you what's wrong and right
But he still sits with a heart of stone
Cause condemnation is all he's known

But what if we took a different route
Got to know him from the inside out
Showed him that we're all the same
And told him about amazing grace

Cause he needs love he needs love
Lots of it before he'll ever open up
He needs grace from god above
But from us he needs love

(she we they)

If she doesn't somehow catch an eye
She'll sleep out in the cold tonight
So she works the corner with fishnets on
Just blocks away from a house of god

She claims she'll never go inside
Just doesn't think that it would feel right
But what if we stepped out to her
With love that she doesn't have to earn

I bet the world would change if it knew love
Well we know his name so it's up to us
We gotta reach our hands to wash some feet
Go another mile to find a need
We gotta step off of our pedestals
If we want a change that's radical
If we're gonna serve the least of these
Then love is what we really need

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