Tides Rush In – Cursive Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Tides Rush In – Cursive

The coast is clear
The coast is everywhere
I must have reached the end
Of the year of searching
For meanings in meaning
The coast is clear

Tides rush in
Are we all being tugged by
The same unit force that tugged me in?
That tucks us in with a kiss on those brows
It's something felt, but you can't describe
But we always try
We're always trying

Tides rush in
Fools fall for the undertow

For the chance encounter with something godsend
The gods haven't sent me a thing


You don't know and you never will
This epiphany's just a cheap handjob I give myself
I give myself no credit for this
This bastard attempt at a standardized song
It's all I've got

After years of searching for meanings in meaning
The coast is clear
Tides rush in
Pull us farther, undertow

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