Unassimilated Normie – Crywank Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Unassimilated Normie – Crywank

Oh taboo, how I both love and hate you
How some days I only want to break you
But what is broken seems a mess at least to be
The one who breaks the silence, to face alone the violence
Whilst I sit and watch in safe and silent agreement
Oh convention, how I bend at the very mention
Just keep me safe, save some face, I'll mask all intention and desire
Whilst my heart it bursts on fire
I wear beige on a grey day

Some routines that I avoid I wish where habit
Some routines that I avoid are wreaking havoc
It's been ten long years and I still suck at being an adult
I bore me, you can call me the Unassimilated Normie

You know me, I'm just trying to pass as someone who won't get beaten up and won't get shouted at

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