Upper Sixth Loan Shark


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2012 Thick as a Brick 2

Testo Della Canzone

Upper Sixth Loan Shark di Ian Anderson

Thick as a Brick 2
  1. From a Pebble Thrown
  2. Pebbles Instrumental
  3. Might-have-beens
  4. Upper Sixth Loan Shark
  5. Banker Bets, Banker Wins
  6. Swing It Far
  7. Adrift and Dumfounded
  8. Old School Song
  9. Wootton Bassett Town
  10. Power and Spirit
  11. Give Till It Hurts
  12. Cosy Corner
  13. Shunt and Shuffle
  14. A Change of Horses
  15. Confessional
  16. Kismet in Suburbia
  17. What-ifs, Maybes, Might-have-beens
Where did it come from, where’s it going?
Upper sixth loan shark, numbers flowing
From the pen that never forgets,
Recording ledgers, each-way safe bets.

Fauntleroys and first form fags, allowances all overspent.
Pater’s guilty generosity safely deposited against rainy day.

There’s money in those goddamn hills.
Interest in sugar-coated bitter pills.
Margins made from Tompkins Minor
Float aspirations, nothing finer…

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