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1983 Walk into Light

Testo Della Canzone

User-Friendly di Ian Anderson

Walk into Light
  1. Fly by Night
  2. Made in England
  3. Walk into Light
  4. Trains
  5. End Game
  6. Black and White Television
  7. Toad in the Hole
  8. Looking for Eden
  9. User-Friendly
  10. Different Germany
Do we inhabit some micro-space
and interface through wires.
Dance on a printed circuit board
throw the software to the fires.
My memory’s slim so volatile but I’m learning.
Plug yourself in. Stay for awhile. Un-discerning.

And on dusty terminals finger me lightly do.
And QWERTY is the name of love printed on the V.D.U.
Cut yourself free. We’re all alone communicating.
Don’t bother me with arithmetic. I’m waiting.
That’s what I am to you.
That’s what I am to you, to you.

I have to break out of here. Trapped in my hardware cell.
And come to you as you sleep tonight, take you back into my hell.
Binary joys and digital sighs so appealing.
I’m one of the boys and it’s only your mind that I’m stealing.
That’s all I am to you, to you.
That’s all I am to you, to you.

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