Utility Bones Feat Cat Soup – Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Utility – Bones Feat Cat Soup

Pop up with that virus there's no hiding I'ma shut you down
Dollar sign my eyelids multiply the drugs now I see sound
Catalyst of adjectives "oh, you wanna be dead?"
Let me put you in the ground
Lavish in my casket bitch my blade will make up
For what my heart ain't giving out
Buck Knife ductaped to the M4
Real tree camo disappear in the gore
Ain't nobody seen me like I'm Home Alone 4
Hundred cargo pockets like I'm heading into war
Used to break doors, grab that copper
Then hop in that thang now we swinging that Chevrolet
We do it often, you've never seen poverty
Risk it for profit, like every day
Friends passing away
Faster than hens, hatching some eggs
Used to wakin' up to the smell two-stroke "good morning!"
Gassed up, they soaked it then they take it to the head
Ghosts infest my house, but I don't want them to get out
I get along with them, might get a song with them
Matter of fact, got a whole tape coming out
I can never lie your shit I never heard it
Used to look at tables like I cannot wait to turn them
Now the shit's changed, every day I'm steady learnin
The ones that used to doubt me fell off like the ash that's burning
Blunt lit, dark black shades like Curtis
Gave so much life to others feel like a surrogate
Cut your hand you a tourniquet
Clean up then burn the furniture
Logic is always missing when Bones is at a curvature
I can barely walk straight let alone think it
Hundred swimming lessons still I make sure I sink you
Battleship rocket at your team, that's dangerous
Look at this creature so endangered
Rare like angles that I don't look angry
"Fuck the world" they say, "Fuck you, pay me"
That there's the difference call the intermission
I'll be here all week, make sure to tip your waitress

Bones, SESH, wait, what

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