We Made It (Interlude) – De La Soul Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: We Made It (Interlude) – De La Soul

(Goon Time)
Yeah, we made it, alright
Made it to the big house! (Yeah!)
Goon - Time - Records (It's Goon Time, baby!)
(Hallelujah!) What y'all sleep or somethin?!
Y'all don't know about Goon Time?! (Uh-oh!)
Man, that man only happens to be
The biggest mixtape king across the whole continent!
Mean he's legendary (Boss!)
We was practically raised on Goon Time beef CDs' (Fuck McDonalds!)
Rumor has it, he was about to release the craziest beef joint ever:
Run vs. D.M.C., B! (Word, it was hot in Queens, yo)
But Mr. Russell "Rush Money," supposedly gave 'em hush money
(Shit, I'ma let Russ tell it!)
Just enough for Goon Time to get his own label (Yeah!)
And that's when we come in! (You know it, First Serve!)
The next new shit to hit the airwaves
Ain't nothin gon' stop us now (It's Goon Time, baby!)

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