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Wild track di Pooh

(Battaglia Negrini)

Let’s break down the carousel
keep ridin’ alone
you sparking world champions
beware of the sun.
Dusty rags may suit me better
your boats don’t need a flag
I jump on my wrong trains
and wave you goodbye.
My friends are all over
there’s no need to hide
are climbing grass pillows
with colour glassed eyes.
I’ve got a monkey
named Jenny McGee
she makes out her whisky
from coconut trees.
There’s a crash
in half the highway
a jet plane landed wrong
some busy godfather
was hurring for lunch.
People come they shoot and scream
the trick man is in jail
my monkey takes pictures
she knows where’s the blame.
The right gently shelters
weak is the door
on the next ship to India
there’s one person more.
The clean lazy lady
has buned all her dreams
and makes up too slowly
she’s not good for me.
With ivory branches
I play lion skin drums
I’m a lucky musician
I love all my songs.

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