Willie and the hand jive – Eric Clapton



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Willie and the hand jive – Eric Clapton canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1994

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Testo della canzone: Willie and the hand jive – Eric Clapton

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Willie and the hand jive – Eric Clapton Testo:

I know a cat named Way-Out Willie,
Got a cool little chick named Rocking Millie.
He can walk and stroll and Susie Q
And do that crazy hand jive, too.

Mama, mama, look at Uncle Joe
Doing the hand jive with sister Flo.
Grandma gave baby sister a dime;
Said, “Do that hand jive one more time.”

Hand jive, hand jive, hand jive,
Do that crazy hand jive.

Doctor and a lawyer and an Indian chief,
They all dig that crazy beat.
Way-Out Willie gave them all a treat
When he did that hand jive with his feet.


Willie and Millie got married last fall.
They had a little Willie junior and that ain’t all.
Well, the kids got crazy and it’s plain to see,
Doing the hand jive on T.V.




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