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You Don't Know What To Do – Mariah Carey

You need to go
Don't look so surprised
Cause we had a love
That won't be immortalized
Say you need me now
So lost without me now
But our little romance is through
Because basically boy, you
You just don't know what to do

[Verse 1: Wale]
I can give it to ya, but what you gonna do
Win it if I hit it, I bet you stuck, stoop
But sucking your teeth, don't mess up my mood
I'm trying to give it all to you
I can understand it's things we go through
Put C's on your back, let see this ain't through
And we can be [?]
But I gotta get it out of you
I see that light hold ring on it
She don't love you then she put your whole name on it
Gettin' money, everyday is hard knocks
The date [?]

[Verse 2:]
I miss you almost half as much as you miss me
You used to act so tough, with insecurity
Now that I found myself, you're aching to be mine
Can't even help yourself from playing the fool each night

Ooo, how I loved you
Ooo, how I needed you
Ooo, boy I feel brand new
Ooo, since you turned me loose

Baby, you don't know what
You don't know what
You don't know what to do

Cause you wanna leave
Then you'd never go
I'm a set you free boy
Baby, you don't know

[Verse 3:]
You love me more than you love sunny summer days
And even more than you love floating in a haze
Boy when you lost my heart, you lost everything
Now all that you can do is listen to me sing


[Verse 4: Wale]
I can give it to you, but what you gon' do
Win it, if I hit it, I bet you stuck, stoop
And the motto I got, no class in this school
Take your bags and go boo
Never mind all of the flexin' I do
Balenciagas, got you two steppin' on smooth
Never will I lower my standards, my boo
I could show you we're attendants like Sampress on cue
That's kinda funny cause love still mean lose
Unless we kill a record and back-and-forth moves
Somehow you keep showing [?], I see through it
Did you catch that all, screw it
All the girls need is respect and I do it
Never catch feelings cause jets is my fuel
Giuseppe my foot, my sweats be [?]
So sexy, they ain't sweating me, I bet you ain't know it


You don't know you do to me
You don't know you do to me
You don't know
You don't know
You don't know what I need

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