You need me – Mariah Carey

You need me – Mariah Carey canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1990

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Testo della canzone: You need me – Mariah Carey

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You need me – Mariah Carey Testo:

Wait a minute
Before you walk away
Let me finish
I’ve got a lot to say
Baby I’m not gonna tolerate
This game that you play
You’ll regret it
If you desert me this way
When there’s nobody to dry your eyes
Suddenly you’re gonna realize

Don’t you know
You need me
Don’t you see
Believe me
Before you act so hastily
Baby remember you need me

Honey listen
Don’t make a big mistake
I’m in your system
You really can’t escape
When there’s nobody to hold your hand
Suddenly you’re gonna understand


No one understands you like I do
After everything that we’ve been through
Baby you can turn around and leave
But I know that you’ll keep coming right back to me



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