1992 Rare masters

1992 Rare masters di Elton John

1992 Rare masters

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  1. I’ve been loving you
  2. Here’s to the next time
  3. Lady Samantha
  4. All across the havens
  5. It’s me that you need
  6. Just like strange rain
  7. Bad side of the moon
  8. Rock and roll Madonna
  9. Grey seal
  10. Friends
  11. Michelle’s song
  12. Seasons
  13. Variations on Michelle’s song (a day in the country)
  14. Can I put you on
  15. Honey roll
  16. Variation on friends
  17. I meant to do my work today (a day in the country)
  18. Four moods
  19. Seasons reprise
  20. Madman across the water
  21. Into the old man’s shoes
  22. Rock me when he’s gone
  23. Slave
  24. Skyline pigeon
  25. Jack rabbit
  26. Whenever you’re ready (we’ll go steady again)
  27. Let me be your car
  28. Screw you
  29. Step into Christmas
  30. Ho! ho! ho! (who’d be a turkey at Christmas)
  31. Sick city


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