2003 Greatest hits 1987–1999 (cd 1)

2003 Greatest hits 1987–1999 (cd 1) di Kylie Minogue

2003 Greatest hits 1987–1999 (cd 1)

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  1. Locomotion
  2. I should be so lucky
  3. Got to be certain
  4. Je ne sais pas pourquoi
  5. Especially for you
  6. Turn it into love
  7. Made in heaven – Kylie Minogue
  8. It’s no secret
  9. Hand on your heart
  10. Wouldn’t change a thing
  11. Never too late
  12. Tears on my pillow
  13. Better the devil you know
  14. Step back in time
  15. What do I have to do (7′ mix)
  16. Shocked (DNA mix)


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