Basilicata on my mind


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Basilicata on my mind di Rocco Papaleo


Se Cristo si e’ fermato ad Eboli,
A colpa di ku e’
E certo nun e’ da nostra
Nui lu vulimu bene,
L’avimu preparet
Na festa granna grann
Varil i vin e ang’net
Ca par i Capodann,
Cristo nun e’v’nut
N’aviss t’avv’se’
Ng’ amu rimasu brutt
A rrobba s’e’ iettet
Ma pur senza prut’zion
Da fe’ n’ammu det
E dall e dall e dall
N’ammu cacciat u chep…

Ba. ba Basilicata, ba ba Basilicata
Tu che ne sai, l’hai vista mai
Basilicata is on my mind
(n’ata vot)

U Pepa s’a nt’rsset
E n’ha telefonet
N’a ditu d’sta quit
N’aver’t aiutet
E nui p’sta quit
P n’aiute’ a r’sist
Senza r’ dic nind
N’ammu fattu buddist…

Ba ba Basilicata, ba ba Basilicata
Tu che ne sai, l’hai vista mai
Basilicata is on my mind
(n’ata vot)”

This is the English translation:

“If Jesus Christ had stopped in Eboli
Who is the guilty?
For sure it is nobody of us,
Because we love Him,
We have prepaired for Him
A very big feast
(With) glass of wines and typical dishes
It seemed like the New Year’s Day…
(But) Jesus Christ didn’t come here,
It would have been better if he had adviced us !!!
We got very angry for it,
And throw away all the food,
But also without the protection,
We held on,
And by holdin on and trying,
We have gone out of our difficulties…

Ba ba Basilicata, ba ba Basilicata
Do you know it ? have you ever seen it ???
Basilicata is on my mind
(once again)

The Pope took care (of us)
And telephoned us
He said to us to be quiet
Because he would have helped us,
And all of us, to stay quiet,
And to help each other to resist,
Without saying anything to him,
Have converted ourselves to Buddhism…

Ba ba Basilicata, ba ba Basilicata,
Do you know it ?Have you ever seen it ?
Basilicata is on my mind
(once again)

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