My personal zen


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2001 Monaco ’74

Testo Della Canzone

My personal zen di Delta V

London town
all around savour
the flavour of the London Underground
Subterranean devils they’ll never know
we start to rise slow, slow, slow
And as we build up we build up bigger
you don’t understand
‘cause I can dig the, the way we play
and pray to God that I may understand
a little more in a little bigger way
London’s bailing out again my friend
and comprehend what’s your sin
my personal zen
London’s bailing out again my friend
and comprehend what I’m a sending
it’s my personal zen
As you see
I’ve got my service on her Majesty’s hardcore purpose
your service is mine all mine then ‘lone
to deliver your coming to the mike
001 coming onto the mike and I’m gonna hit ya
Never know the way
I flow every blow by blow
I said it before I know
but then here we go here we go
We got the things that you got to hear
it’s the way my idea this career is near
you no say when I come onto the microphone
Hey wait
Did you know this is my hometown?
London’s bailing out again my friends
I got the mike, I ride it hard ‘cause you know
it’s like my zen
Everyone wants to be a part of the beat in me
make ‘em understand
make ‘em understand
make ‘em understand
it ain’t easy
Don’t bother me come by the mike and see
001 coming on the mike and I’m gonna say easy
Settle down, settle down what you don’t know
London town’s in the flow
‘cause I got it
and I know my personal zen
my personal zen
my personal zen
my personal zen
Can you be what you can be?
Can you be what you can find?
Make them understand there’s no look in my mind
Open my brain when it’s full
You don’t understand it’s my skull you start to pull

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