Shangri la


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2008 Vulgus

Testo Della Canzone

Shangri la di Almamegretta

A wound to the heart and my mind is set on you
suddenly night blasts
your horizontal oscillations
slowly dying away
ashes to the wind
crystal shards shattered in a fire
Oskar Sala and these white noise machines
Optiganally Yours throwing toy entropies
Bert Kaempfert confetti and fireworks
muzak extraordinaire
and we laughed about
we liked them
your researches are lost Shangri-Las
your favourite dread D.RaD
the sinister engine buzzing familiar
Rasta apocalypse in Milan
your elastic revving crossovers
now belong to the source of Heaven
time modulated in circles at ease
and stuck forever on the dial
“that night” lurked
sneered on a black wing
only a golden silence
weeping to the sound of a yell

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