Tell me – Alberto Fortis


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2008 Vai protetto
2009 Alberto Fortis – Concerto dal vivo
2010 Concerto dal vivo

Testo Della Canzone

Tell me – Alberto Fortis di Alberto Fortis

Why I’m walking on sunshine when everything is ut of line

so hard to say baby I feel fine I wish I knew I get by

so many Dreams in my Heaven Too many doubts in my Soul

I always say I love you more than but after Than ther’s a hole

So Tell me where you are Tell me in time where you are

Tell me where you are I’ve been there before where you are

East side I still catch a cowboy is mouving west to the White House

so much confusion my sweet one my cat prays to the mouse

I need a light just to hear sounds I need a desert to pray

You know I want you to come around and I won’t be feeling this way

And you can even try to help me by digging on my soul

and you can ever try to Love me You know you’re not alone

Tell me where you are

Why I’m walking on sunshine but still I don’t understand

Listen to me baby I Feel down don’t let it get it that way

Tell me where you are.

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