Aim For The Moon Pop Smoke e Quavo – Testo e Traduzione in Italiano


(Sì, ahah) Spara alle stelle (Woo), punta alla luna
Non sei fico (mi sento in preda al tremore), finché non ti dico che fico
Si si si
Sì, sì (Oh), sì, sì (sono su Venere)
Sì, sì, sì (ecco perché dico woo)
Sì, sì, sei scemo? Guarda (Ooh)

Non sai cosa hai iniziato, pop a Perc ', vai ritardato
Ho preso la flebo, è arrivata direttamente dal rubinetto
Signor Dior-Dior, sanno da dove è iniziato, sì (Oh

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Il Testo della canzone di:
Aim For The Moon – Pop Smoke Quavo

(Yeah, haha) Shoot for the stars (Woo), aim for the moon
You ain't cool (I'm feelin' treeshy), 'til I say you cool
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Oh), yeah, yeah (I'm on Venus)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (That's why I say woo)
Yeah, yeah, are you dumb? Look (Ooh)

You don't know what you started, I pop a Perc', go retarded
I got the drip, it came straight from the faucet
Mr. Dior-Dior, they know where it started, yeah (Oh)
She wanna Netflix and chill, fuck off the pill
Go in the store, shop at Dior (Oh)
Come to my crib, take all my shirts
Pop all my Percs and sleep in my drawers
You talkin' too much, baby, pour up a four
We both bust a nut, now leave me alone
When we in Miami, we stay at the Mondrian (Oh)
We pull up then leave in the Cullinan
Welcome her to the party
The afterparty's afterparty, then party again (Oh)
Hundred bitches, hardly any men (Oh)
In my room is where the party began
Then take a flight to Bora Bora, it's time to catch a tan, look (Woo)
I said free up my niggas that's sentenced, stuck up in the jail (Free all my niggas, yeah)
I could show you how to vibe, but I can't be ya man (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Uh-huh (No, no, no, {yeah})

[Pop Smoke (Quavo):]
Shoot for the stars (Shoot, shoot, shoot)
Aim for the moon (For the moon)
You ain't cool (You ain't cool), 'til I say you cool
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt-skrrt), yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt-skrrt), yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah (Skrrt-skrrt), yeah, yeah

Yeah, Pop Smoke the woo (Pop)
I play with the check and it's blue (Blue)
We mobbin' and tyin', no shoe (Tie)
You play with the group, we gon' shoot (Shoot)
He in Dior, I'm in Prada (Prada)
We rich, we came from the bottom (Rich)
I'm a Migo, I feel like a doctor (Migo)
Goin' surgical with the new chopper (Grrah)
Five hundred thousand, I'm in flex mode (Yeah)
We got all the work, we make your trap close (Trap)
Gang havin' loyalty, we ten toes (Ten)
Nah, nobody givin' up, why would the gang fold? (Yeah)
We outside, we totin' them bangers, we not shootin' at strangers (We outside)
Say what you wanna say, long as it ain't us 'cause my niggas gon' hang ya (Grrah)
Look at them young niggas goin' crazy-crazy, man, them niggas too dangerous (Crazy)
We gonna make 'em famous, the beautiful country got stars and bangers (Stars)

Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon
You ain't cool 'til I say you cool
[Pop Smoke:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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