Beautiful thing – Eric Clapton

Beautiful thing – Eric Clapton canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1976

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No reason to cry

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Testo della canzone: Beautiful thing – Eric Clapton

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Beautiful thing – Eric Clapton Testo:

I’ve told you once, now you should know
The reason that I’m coming down.
There ain’t no time to repeat again;
Just need to bring it around.

We had a beautiful thing going,
You couldn’t see things my way.
We had a beautiful thing going,
Something just got in our way.

And I told you once that it was rough.
I looked on you as my friend,
Because that did not seem to be good enough,
And now it’s time to begin.

We’ve got a beautiful thing going,
I hope that’s the way it will stay.
We’ve got a beautiful thing going,
Nothing can stand in our way.

[Repeat Second Chorus]


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