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Down For My Niggaz Freestyle – Curren$y

[Verse 1 - Curren$y:]
Yeah, fuck them other niggas
I'm going to bang one of them boys up
Hot Spitta nigga, big chains, plenty cars and trucks
Boy, you talking crazy you don't want no war with us
Cause' if you fuck with us the coroner will pick them up
And I'll ride with a 9 on my side
T- crooked R- U, until the day a nigga die
A lot of other niggas wanna ride how I ride
I was pushing jaguars before I was old enough to drive
Hot Spitta- big figure- well known
Whodi was tripping had to leave them boys alone
The niggas been gave me the scoop on you homes
Told me to get what I could get and then be gone nigga, yeah!

[Verse 2 - Curren$y:]
At any given time I can swing through, push a money green coupe
Blacked-out tints you don't see me but I see you
Don't search, Checking for guns just let me through
20 thugs with me and they're coming in for free too
Rich boys, man you know how we roll dog
[?] With Twinky and Stanley, that's my roll dog
Catch me on a lot in Miami getting cars dog
Shawty mad at me because I don't accept her phone calls
Hot Spitta and I'm working with some cheese bruh
I'm on my own I ain't fucking with no skeezers
Catch me in a club night laying down my stunt black viper
White rally stripes
Looking like a skunk nigga

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