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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Empty Rooms – Donovan Woods

Packing tape and boxes
Won't imagine every line
To carefully negotiated
Piles, set aside
You can keep the TV
I'll never find the time
That bag we bought together ain't feel like mine in
Quite a while

Every window is open
Spring time and bloom
I'm standing in an empty room

I read a lot of books
'Bout how to be alone
I don't take much of nothing
To really feel at home
Bearing walls of promising
But lonely as can be
They're good for casting shadows
But my shadow's casting me

I keep on making plans
I keep on falling through
I'm standing in an empty room

Whenever I think of you
I hope you're doing fine
I'm glad you find a reason
To get out from time to time
Me, I'm doing okay
But I won't say trouble free
I've got a couple friends with me
To keep me company
They drag me to a party
I walked in and I saw you
Now everybody's watching
Wondering what we'll do
Oh I figured this would happen
I just didn't know how soon

We're standing in an empty room
Now we're standing in an empty room

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