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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Face Down – DJ Mustard

[Intro: DJ Mustard]
Ya’ll already know who I am right?
Mustard on the beat ho

[Hook: Lil Boosie]
I got a fire red bone who go all night long, Boosie
She like her ass tooted up and her face down
She like her ass tooted up and her face down
She like her ass tooted up and her face down
Face down, face down
She like her ass tooted up and her face down
Face down, face down
She like her ass tooted up and her face down

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
She got a diamond in her pearl tongue
It shine everytime she cums
Bling, bling, up in this motherfucker
Make up on my sheets and on my shirt
And on my briefs, she get on my nerves
But I don't say shit cause she too sweet
She ride this dick up and down the street
She like when it hurt, I like when it's free
It must be the bird, it must be the bees
I think I said I love her, I was half asleep
I was caught in the moment
Yea, then I was gone in the mornin'
She called my phone in the mornin' and started moanin' and groanin'
Well I be home in a moment
She say she work tonight, you better work tonight
And leave out that motherfucker with some merchandise
I ain't playin' with ya, you got some shit with ya
I'm a lil nigga, but I'm a big tipper
Cause it ain't nothin' to me, but you gotta work for it
Grind, grindin' on that wood, you got a surfboard

[Hook: Lil Boosie & Big Sean]

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Now I'm the boy she wanna ride with
She gone lie for me, kill for me, even shoplift
First class ticket, seat 1A
If I put her any closer she'll be riding in the cockpit
Took her to Benihanas, she can't even hold the chopsticks
She put her face down and hold her ass up like a hostage
Oh my God, I'm in love with a porn star
I'm in love with a foreign car, they both topless
I done tricked off a gold Rollie wrist watch
Man, I'm tired of dealing with these hoes but my dick not
So, I'mma make me that 7-11 pitstop
She leaned over like I love you, I'm just like bitch stop
You done fucked about half of hip hop
If I wife you they gone talk about me like I'm Chris Bosh
Now I done got the honey moon suite for common courtesy
The honey moon suite? Hell yeah it's our one night anniversary bitch

[Hook: Lil Boosie & Big Sean]

[Verse 3: YG]
Uh, I'mma start off in LA
I got a bitch named Shantae
I let her ride my dick and ever since then
She been to work since Christmas break
She like fuckin' in the back seat
My New York ho like fuckin' in a taxi
Always hanging with them athletes
I ain't trippin', she like tricks
So I leave that to them athletes
Might fly to Atlanta and take a trip
It's ho Heaven, all the bad bitches strip
Hold up, I got a bitch that work at Onyx
I got her hooked on a dick like it's phonics
I got a Philly bitch always playing Meek shit
My ex say I'm a dog, well, put me on a leash then
I'm finna fly to Japan in a couple weeks
That means I'm finna have some foreign linen in my sheets

[Hook: Lil Boosie]

[Verse 4: Lil Boosie]
I gotta chick out Mississippi, she cold too
Thick thighs, nice legs, soul food
My D.C. chick hair hang to her back
Yippee-yi-yo, ride that thing like that
My Oakland girl, call her my smokin' girl
She like to smoke a couple blunts fore we show the world
Got a chick out Tallahassee, she a cougar
She call me her lil juvie
I gave her her groove back, she groovy
My Harlem chick, all we do is make movies
She like to see another bad chick eat Boosie
And my Chitown chick, we have a gangster time
She from the West side, whole body tatted and her sex life
Can't forget about H-Town
She like her ass tooted up and her face down
I want her right now
Gotta have something close to home
I got a fire red bone who go all night long, Boosie

[Hook: Lil Boosie]

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